Leather Care Tips

General Care Tips

With proper maintenance quality leather can last for many, many years. Knowing what type of leather you have is crucial to maintaining your furniture. Three major types of leather used on furniture today are Aniline, Nubuck and Pigmented leather. Aniline & Nubuck are unprotected leathers. They will require more attention during maintenance. Pigmented leather has top coat seal to add protection against body oil and general soil. It is important to clean and remove body oil/general soiling as it accumulates on the leather to prevent future damage to the finish and durablity of the leather. General rule – The more often you sit on the furniture, the more often you should clean the furniture.

1: Position all leather seating at least two feet from heating sources. Prolonged exposure to heat dries out leather

2: Leather Fades when exposed to sunlight, so keep leather seating away from direct light sources such as windows, skylights and open doors.

3: Practice preventative maintenance, treat surfaces with recommended leather cleaners and conditioners to improve leather’s resistance to soiling. Leather should be cleaned and conditioned every month, to every six months based on amount of usage. Areas or items recieving daily use should be cleaned and conditioned monthly. All leather should be cleaned at least every six months to remove general soiling and accumulation.